Dog Training Equipment.

Puppy Dummy

1lb Dummy

2lb Dummy

Dog Whistles.

210 - Ultra High with pea
210.5 - High pitch without pea
211.5 - Standard pitch without pea

From £9.99

Henry Wag Glove Towel for dogs £9.99

Dog Leads and Collars.

Bisley's Elite slip leads are made from super tough rope and provide essential control of your dog when out in the field or dog walking. With a length of 60 inches, the slip lead features a brass ring and rubber stop to maintain your dog safely.

                                                                                                              Sidney & Sapphire, now half price.

Bisley Puppy Pack

Everything you and your puppy needs to get your training off to the best possible start.

Orange 1/2lb beanbag dummy for an introduction to retrieving and marking.

Bisley green rope slip lead which is simple to wear without a collar and helps to control your puppy and direct them.

Includes an Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle, as well as an Acme Thunderer Whistle.

To carry the whistles hands-free, the pack also includes a Bisley green traditional lanyard.

From £24.99


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