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Our range of knives includes Leatherman, Victorionox, Boker, Opinel, Buck and Jack Pyke.



The shape of the traditional Opinel knife has remained unchanged since its design by Joseph OPINEL in 1890.

The knife’s wooden handle has a deep groove and only highly resistant wood is suitable for shaping and producing hard-wearing handles.

There is no ideal steel for knifes, but a wide range of grades which are more or less well suited to the knife’s purpose.  

Leatherman Multi Tools.


We stock a wide choice of Leatherman multi tools ranging in size and price.


Leatherman Wingman.

The Wingman features 14 essential tools, including a 420 Combo Knife, spring-action scissors, three types of screwdriver heads. Built into an ergonomic and stainless steel handle



Leatherman Micra.

The Micra is the most popular mini tool amongst all kinds of hobbyists. With 10 useful tools packed into this tiny, lightweight Leatherman, it's proof that good things come in small packages. For a perfect gift they'll use daily, look no further than the Micra.

Leatherman Skeletool 

Weighing in at just five ounces, the (full size) Leatherman Skeletool has 7 tools at the ready including; two different pliers, two different wire cutters, bit driver and more. The Skeletool is exactly what you need, proving that very good things come in small packages. 

Buck Knife

Buck Bucklite

Buck Canoe


Buck Open Season Avid Skinner Fixed Blade Knife



The Boker Plus Subcom was one of the cornerstones of the Boker Plus series and has become one of our most popular knives ever. Its versatility and extremely high beneficial with the ultra-compact design have become legendary. The Blade is made of 440C and has a ambidextrous thumb stud quick opening. The ingenious construction does not provide a locking of the open blade, only a strong inhibition. The Titanium handle scale has bead-blasted edges and milled features, whereas the surface is equipped with a fine lengthwise satin finish, which makes for a particularly refined presentation.


The Boker Plus Spain Generalist Granito is a sturdy hunting knife, combining stability and great cutting performance thanks to its high flat grind. The scales made from Granito Micarta feature a milled surface texture for an even more secure grip. The blade of this knife is made in Spain, it consists of Mova. It has a full lang with a large lanyard hole ending in a striker



The Boker Magnum Ebony Rangebuster Damascus is a cool and affordable gentleman's knife. It is remarkable that a knife with these materials can be produced for such a price. The design might remind you of the classic Sod Buster pocket knives known mainly from traditional American brands. Simple shapes, incredibly effective.



 EDC (Everyday UK Legal Carry)

Sprint EDC pocket knife






Resin Slipjoint EDC Non locking knife





Zebra wood slipjoint  EDC Non Locking Knife


 Deer, Pheasant or Fish Design £11.95

Letherman Z-Rex

Every car should have a lifehammer. The Leatherman Z-Rex is the cream of the crop in this area. It's a light plastic handle with a glass breaker on one side and a seatbelt cutter on the other side. The seatbelt cutter is also equipped with a key for oxygen bottles. Even a bit driver is not lacking.

The glass breaker, in contrast to regular stainless glass breakers, is made of tungsten carbide. This may seem like a minor detail, but it can mean the difference between hitting hard and often or shattering the glass with one targeted hit. In case of panic tha will make a huge difference.

A nylon sheath is included. It is Molle-compatible and therefore can be confirmed or carried in many ways.

Sharpening Products

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